Women Initiators ‘Adult Learners Program’ provides basic education to female parents with no formal education. The objective of this initiative is to empower women, allowing them to be productive members of society with basic reading and writing skills. The program also conducts informative seminars for these women on different topics, such as: women’s health, and management of home budget etc. 

HRC is an affiliated partner in Women Initiators ‘Adult Learners Program.’



  1. To enable women to communicate effectively within their family and the society after completing two-year course
  2. To enhance each individual’s knowledge through workshops and seminars on health, home budgeting etc.
  3. To show women a new path of life by educating them with different languages (English, Urdu and Math) and enhancing their communication skills


♦ Course consists of 10 semesters
♦ First nine semesters focuses on enhancing reading and writing skills
♦ Final semester focuses on development of leadership skills
♦ Each semester consists of 8 weeks with 5 days classes, each class lasting an hour

After the completion of the ten semester, the students are assigned individual tasks and required to submit a report. Their work is judged according to their performance and then awarded with an incoming batch of new students in order to keep them motivated.

♦ Registered Students = 295+
♦ Number of Workshops = 30+
♦ Number of Staff = 10
♦ Number of Volunteers = 25+


A survey has been conducted after two-year completion of the course by answering to questions asked from the enrolled women.

I can now read and understand the news headline written at the bottom of television – Masooda

Read and reply text messages, used symbols for saving contacts but now can read and save names by own, and help her son who is in class one by taking his dictation and reading his book with him – Wajiha

Many other improvements have also occurred like they are able to do their daily activities without asking for help from their son or daughter such as dialing phone number from contact, reading and writing the whole family members name, understand the names of brands and different workshops conducted about issues suffered by women like health issues (menstruation problems, pregnancy, menopause etc.), early child marriages and their complications, management of home budget, raising of children focusing on their education and many more are leading them to the knowledgeable person according to the terms and condition of modern society. Moreover, these classes will decrease the mindset gap between a child and a mother and increase the understanding level of both generations.


We completed three years of project by the end of the year 2018. We also planned to continue Adult Learners Class for the year 2019-2020. However, the project is facing a few limitations such as:

♦ Financial support that can help us in successful continuation of project for the year 2019. The cost could not meet with registration fees only.
♦ Permanent place for conducting the Adult Learners Classes.


Women Initiators main objectives are awareness and socioeconomic development of women.

Phase I: Providing students the basic knowledge and awareness through Adult learners class. At the end of this class we welcome our skilled alumni that want to continue working with us on the socioeconomic development.

Phase II: The goal is the socioeconomic development of women where they can enhance their respective skills such as, preserving the traditional handicrafts and introducing them to bigger markets.


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