About HRC

The HRC Org is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. HRC was founded in 2004, and registered as a non-profit in the United States in 2014. 

HRC supports and promotes education and empowerment related community programs. We take a holistic approach to understanding the needs of the community we work with. We empower the community by building partnerships with dedicated non-profit organizations working at the grassroots. 

HRC connects the community members —regardless of their current residency location, nationality, religious affiliation, gender, color, or ethnic origin— with their roots in their ancestral land. Our hope is that it gives members a unique sense of identity, an opportunity to share ideas and resources, and even help foster bonds of friendship between their immediate community and the ‘old’ community they still consider home.

HRC believes in principles of non-discrimination. We hold humanity in highest regard. The world is our home and as citizens of the world, we want to share with, and learn from, our fellow citizens.