Education is cornerstone of HRC’s community work. The HRC education programs reaches those in need in two ways: directly through HRC’s own programs and indirectly through our partner non profit organizations. 

Selected HRC projects include:

Raspberry Pi (RPi) Project
HRC is the first organization in Pakistan introducing the cutting-edge RPi to the students, both in Quetta and Islamabad, under the ‘Network in a Shoebox’ lecture series. HRC donated RPis were also used by a student group at the Comsats University Islamabad for their senior project in Computer Science–the first time RPi was used in a project. 
HRC believes the cost-effective cutting-edge RPi holds a lot of promise in education. We have a dedicated team experimenting and learning RPi technology, and currently working with our partners designing RPi courses for students. 
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Female Adult Literacy

HRC provides financial support for the ‘Adult Learning Program’ by Women Initiators — a registered non-profit that caters to the needs of women making 50% of over half a million community population. 
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Collection of educational statistics of 35,000 students from area schools
In 2005 and 2009, HRC partnered with Wahdat Guardian Organization (WGO) and Mr. Khadim Ali, in collecting educational statistics of approximately 35,000 students from schools in the community. Due to unique nature of the request, HRC and partnering organizations earned the trust of each educational institution by proactively engaging, explaining our vision, and projects at work at the grassroots level. The data collected is vital in understanding the educational needs of the community, and in designing programs to leverage the work of educational institutions. 

Free text book and stationery drive for students
In 2014, HRC teamed with non-profit NIMSO for the annual Text Books and Stationery Drive for needy students grade 1-10 in Quetta. The supplies were distributed in the two community enclaves (on opposite ends of Quetta city) to over 1000 students. Since 2014, HRC has continued to work with NIMSO on this and other educational and social projects.